X4 Labs Penis Extender Enlarges Penis Naturally

X4 Labs understood men’s desire to have a larger penis. Even if their penis seems to be just about the right size, men always wanted it bigger. Men normally feel inadequate when the size of their penis does not seem large enough. Penis extenders are developed to help men with this problem. X4 Labs put their expertise in designing a penis extender that does not provide a temporary enlargement. Instead, X4 Labs developed the X4 Extender which provides a permanent increase in penis length and girth.

X4 Labs was able to develop the most advanced and safest penis extender by working with the leading male specialists and urologists. Penis extender could actually pose harm to men if it is not properly engineered. However, with the combined expertise of X4 Labs and these health specialists, men are assured that they would get the value of their money plus the size they have always wanted, permanently. Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com

How X4 Labs Penis Extender Increase Penis’ Size

The penis extender is an old concept. Since cultures pushed for men to seek penis enlargement devices, many companies then developed various penis extenders. X4 Labs used the same concept but they ironed out the flaws of the old concept to produce the most reliable and safe penis extender. More importantly, they developed the X4 Labs Penis Extender in a way that it men would retain the increase in length and girth of the penis.

The concept behind the increased length and girth is the use of traction. That is, X4 Labs Penis Extender provides gentle stretching of the penis to increase its length and width. The continuous stretching would provide stress to the skin cells of the penis thereby forcing it to continuously regenerate. The regenerated cells result in enlarged penis size. What’s more important is that it is achieved naturally, without side effects.

This Penis Extender Enlarges Penis Naturally

X4 Labs only offer an alternative treatment option to men. With surgical operations may be readily accessible, the hassle, the cost and the risk associated with it do not make it an ideal option. X4 Labs Penis Extender has a sleek design so it would be used comfortably by men whether they are at home or in the office. X4 extenders is a 2-in-1 and 4-in-1 system. That is, X4 Labs Penis Extender could be used by men regardless of their size. The Quad Support System is a technological breakthrough that allows the device to fit any size. It is, therefore, efficient even with men who have really small penises. The Quad Support System also facilitates the faster increase in penis’ size. Certainly, X4 Labs have created a new trend in penile enlargement.


X4 is specifically engineered to provide maximum comfort for men. X4 extenders combine the use of comfort straps and silicone tubes. This allows comfort and faster X4 results. The use of X4 results in faster enlargement of the penis primarily because men could use it for an extended period of time. In contrast, other penis extenders should be removed after using it for a certain period because of the risk of restricting sufficient blood flow to the penis.

Faster X4 results are achieved by using the device for a longer period allows for continuous stretching of the penis. The continuous stress provided by the device facilitates regeneration of the cells and thus enlargement of the penis. The use of X4 results in a permanent increase in both length and girth. Thus, men do not have to worry that their penis would revert back to its smaller size. They may have to continue using it to achieve the promised X4 results.

X4 Guarantee Results Because It Is Not A One Size Fits All

X4 could be used by men regardless of their size. Men with very small penises could benefit the most; however, men of all sizes would certainly see improvement in the size of their penis in a shorter period of time. More importantly, X4 is not a one-size-fits-all. X4 is created with the understating that men have different body types and different penile sizes. Knowing this, X4 Labs developed X4 extenders in a way that it would provide full support regardless of the size. The specially designed Hybrid Support System works for men who 4 inches or larger, but they also develop a smaller support system for men who are less hung.


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