Why Pheromone Colognes Are Worth It

Are pheromones the bottom-line creators of love and lust, the orchestrators of chemical magic between two people? Scientists have long studied what makes some men more eloquent when talking to women and they have discovered they produce high levels of sex pheromones. This makes these men instantly attractive to most women who pick up the scent.

What Are Pheromones

As you may already know, pheromones are extremely powerful chemicals excreted by many different species, including humans. And while many colognes can allure members of the opposite sex with their great odors, you can often time end up smelling just like everyone else with the same cologne, and sometimes these colognes are far too strong, and as a result, the smell can be quite off-putting.

About Pheromone Colognes

Therein lies the beauty of pheromone colognes. Instead of relying on the superficial odor of the cologne, which is something entirely subjective depending on the individual, pheromone colognes attract members of the opposite sex in an irresistible way. There are many high-concentrated pheromone colognes for sale.

In the animal kingdom, animals do not have the same methods of attracting partners as we do. Animals do not have the ability to dress a certain way, style their hair in any fashion that they please, or alter their overall appearance.

As a result, a large part of attraction while looking for a mate comes from the sex pheromones that these animals release. While are much more evolved than many animals, we still release pheromones, and they still attract partners.

The problem is that in humans, the pheromones are much weaker than those released by animals. For example, certain butterflies and moths can attract mates from over 10 kilometers away, but unfortunately, human pheromones are not that strong. This is where pheromone colognes come into play.

Pheromone Colognes Boost Your Love Life

Pheromones aren’t something you can consciously perceive in a smell. They are normally associated with subtle fragrances, which usually go by unnoticed, except for the strong emotional response they evoke.

This goes to say that when you wear pheromone scents, people won’t necessarily be able to tell you’re wearing a special kind of perfume or cologne; but they will get a strange feeling like they have suddenly noticed you exude a unique quality. something they can’t really put into words.

And this elusive quality will make all the difference with members of the opposite sex, many of whom will experience arousal just by your presence.

There are many things you can focus on if you want to feel more desired. You can get more exercise and shape up, you can get some creams and improve your skin, and you can use good cologne with a nice smell.

But all those things combined won’t work as effectively as wearing pheromone scents. If you would like to get a powerful secret weapon that makes you irresistible to the opposite sex, you will be quite happy when you start using pheromone scents.

What Are the Pheromones Used in Colognes?

No discussion of pheromone colognes would be complete without discussing the pheromones used.


This is known as a love pheromone and causes romantic, rushy feelings around the wearer. Known as the “fallout effect” it makes women feel comfortable and receptive to romantic gestures.


This is more of a sexual pheromone. It’s known for increasing sexual feelings in women and makes them feel more aroused. Pherazone is an example of a good pheromone cologne with androstenone. Use this pheromone if you want to get laid.


This is a social pheromone that can be used to charm women. It produces sexual feelings while project an aura of alpha male dominance. Use this if you need to boost your confidence and feel less shy around women.


This pheromone is known to make women perceive you as more trustworthy. It’s great for breaking the ice and establishing chemistry. Use this on a first date or someone you know what you want to become more intimate.


This is a charm pheromone that creates a playful and youthful feel around women. Use this on girls who want a fun guy and who love to be teased. It creates an innocent feel and is great for making her more receptive to you. Men will feel more approachable.

Alpha Androstenol

This is a great pheromone for conversation. It makes women more chatty and increase social activity. It’s perfect when you just want to to know here over a cup of coffee or wine.


If you want to learn more about human pheromone colognes then check out Pherazone. Learn more about pheromone fragrances.

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