Virility EX Review – My Full Review

When I ordered a free trial of Virility Ex and whatever I felt in my mind was that the product was not going to work out and will not be effective for me. I have already tried out certain sexual enhancement pills but none of them were effective and they were mere scams. So the virility Ex is about to follow the right path. So, let’s discuss advantages and disadvantages of the product,

If you are not interested in reading the detailed review, there are few bullet points summarized below which list the benefits and drawbacks of the product.

Virility Ex Benefits:

  • I got a tremendous boost in my sexual drive and I was troubling my girl often for sex.
  • My erections were stronger and harder which is one of the best effects of this product.
  • The performance and stamina increased tremendously. I was really surprised by the fact that I was able to endure for longer duration and also recovered quality.
  • The natural ingredients of Virility Ex increased by energy levels in a dramatic manner.
  • I also became more comfortable and I am able to do anything without using supplements. This has been definitely a very good advantage for me.

Drawbacks of Virility Ex:

  • During the first two days while using it I suffered a slight headache. It was since my blood vessels allowed a lot of blood to pass through and got healthier. This was something new to my body but I got used to it later. Other than all of them were positive effects.
  • I felt horny for longer duration which is not a negative effect, but in certain situations, you need to remain under control.


This is an overall honest of Virility Ex from my point of view. If you want to get a better understanding, you can go through my experience with the product which I have listed below right from the start of purchasing the product.

I will try to explain my story briefly which is quite typical and interesting. I was able to satisfy my sexual partners in bed much better than I am currently able to. Girls might not really tell you about this, but I realized how my performance has got affected recently. I was not quite in the mood for certain time and my erection was also not good recently. I felt that I did not get harder and stronger erections which I used to get earlier and this made by organ look much smaller than earlier which was really bad.

I wanted to do something about it and came to know about Virility Ex and I order a free trial on their official website. I am usually sarcastic about such products and I don’t believe in them. Since I have tried various products already which never worked out well, I did not expect this also to work but anyway wanted to give it a try.

The bottle was delivered very fast which made me happy with the service. I read about the ingredients used for making the product before I started using it. I was really happy to see that all were natural products and really powerful. I became very happy to take my 1st dose and waited eagerly for the reactions to happen.

I should accept that there was not much difference during 1st day, I felt somewhat hornier but it was just a placebo effect. There will be an increase in blood circulation and it could have a positive effect on you. After that only I felt that Virility Ex has introduced its own effect.


As days passed by, my organ started looking plumper and bigger. While having sex with my partner, the erection was much harder and stronger than earlier. After that 1st week, my duration was gradually increased and sexual experience began to feel really good but also I would have considered it would get over soon but it helped to last for longer duration in bed and satisfy my partner in better.  The comments given by my girlfriend proved to be really effective and worked well.


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