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Like many Utahns in these tough economic times, you may be struggling financially as you try to make ends meet.

Does the following describe your situation?

  • I am delaying or missing payments to my creditors on a regular basis
  • I am using high-interest credit cards just to make ends meet
  • I am being harassed by creditors or debt collection agencies
  • My finances are spiraling out of control

If any of these describe your situation, please give us call and see how we can help you. :

  • Restructuring your debt
  • Stopping the bank from foreclosing on your home
  • Ending harassing and annoying calls from debt collectors and creditors
  • Advising you if you are a candidate to modify the terms of your home mortgage
  • Stopping creditor repossessions, garnishments, and lawsuits
  • Filing Utah Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Utah Chapter 7 bankruptcy, if necessary

At the Law Firm of Ryan E. Simpson, we have qualified and experienced Utah bankruptcy lawyers and legal professionals ready to help you immediately.

Contact Utah Bankruptcy Lawyers

For a free evaluation of your situation, simply complete our brief and confidential financial form.  Our experienced Utah bankruptcy lawyers will review your information and contact you within one business day to discuss your options. There’s no charge for our evaluation.

Do I qualify for help from Utah bankruptcy lawyers?

At Craig Swapp & Associates, our bankruptcy legal team can help nearly anyone experiencing personal financial stress:

  • Individuals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Farmers and ranchers

With one call to Utah Bankruptcy Attorney Ryan E. Simpson, you can be on your way to rebuilding your finances and enjoying a stress-free life again

Have a bankruptcy question you don’t see answered?

Email us and we’ll get right back to you. We also have many questions and answers on our bankruptcy blog.

I have too many bills and not enough income. Should I file for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is only one tool to handle financial troubles. Bankruptcy is designed to offer immediate protection from creditors and their enforcement actions. It can also result in reorganization or dismissal of your debt.  However, bankruptcy has certain disadvantages, which should be considered before deciding to file for bankruptcy protection. Utah bankruptcy lawyers can help you determine what’s best for your situation.

If I don’t need to file bankruptcy, what options should I consider?

We can help you with a number of other options that don’t include filing for bankruptcy. For example, we can negotiate with your creditors to agree to restructure the debt to manageable levels.  All options have legal and financial considerations, so it is important to involve an experienced bankruptcy attorney and other financial professionals.

What happens if I delay taking action?

A “waiting it out” strategy can actually make your situation worse.  To dig your way out of a financial mess, it’s important to meet with a Utah bankruptcy attorney and map out a proactive course of action

What other mistakes should I avoid?

Taking on additional debt or more borrowing (using a credit card or hard money loans) is not a good course of action.  Some people look to transfer their assets (in order to conceal them from creditors). This is not a smart strategy since it tends to make your financial situation worse.  The best approach is to follow a financial recovery plan established by your bankruptcy attorney.

Why should I hire a bankruptcy attorney to help me with my financial situation?

Working with an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you deal with your large debt and avoid a financial collapse.  Under Utah State law, financial matters are subject to various rules, regulations, and laws, which are sometimes complex and difficult to understand.  Making the wrong decision can prove costly. A proven and experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you carry out a lawful strategy to deal with your debt.  In addition, an attorney has the clout and expertise to deal with your creditors and negotiate favorable terms.

What do we offer our clients?

Widely known for its successful consumer law practice, Ryan E. Simpson is dedicated to helping financial victims and their families deal with pressing creditor issues.  Our fees are very reasonable, considering you will work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, who will give you the personalized attention you deserve.

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