The American Wellness Hypnosis Institute Hypnotherapy Certification

The American Wellness Hypnosis Institute brings home study training that is edited down so that you get only the important material that you need to become a certified hypnotist, hypnotherapist, and clinical hypnotherapist. We offer you training to get your certifications in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The first one is fundamentals of hypnosis.

About the Hypnotherapy Certification Program

That’s a 25-hour course and you could see that like a weekend training that gives you the basics of hypnosis. Then there’s transpersonal hypnotherapy, which is 150 our training, and that’s to become both a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist. That’s the training you want to take to become a professional practitioner.

After taking hypnotherapy, you can continue with advanced courses to reach your certification of a clinical hypnotherapist. That’s the 300. Our designation. These advanced courses can include medical hypnotherapy, past life regression, hypnotherapy, weight management, and intuitive skills training among others. You can take as long to complete these classes as you like, or you can do it quickly. They’re designed to fit your lifestyle.

There are review questions at the back of every chapter so that you can check yourself and make sure you’re understanding everything, and then we’re there for you with 100 percent personal support so you can pick up the phone or you can email us. You can send us your recordings and we can analyze them for you. In other words, our goal is to make these training courses the best of both worlds.

We want them to fit into your lifestyle, your schedule, by being able to study from home, and we also want to give you all the support that you would get on-campus training. We have done both. We have trained on campus and through these online courses and we know that these work. Please call us with any questions or email us. We’re here for you. Learn more about how to choose a certified hypnotherapist.


You might be in that place in your life where you are searching for something more. Perhaps you’re looking for a meaningful way to help others. Perhaps you’re searching for a new and fulfilling career path, or perhaps you’re interested in your own personal and spiritual growth. Countless graduates have told us that until they found hypnotherapy, they simply did not know that they could experience such fulfillment while making a living, helping others to live their best life. With a career in hypnotherapy, you can be your own boss, make your own hours and determine what you get paid per hour.

A comprehensive training in hypnotherapy from a state licensed school can be one of the most rewarding journeys that you will ever take in your entire life. Because we’re so passionate about this profession and want you to get to know what we found in it, we’re offering free training that counts directly towards your diplomas in hypnotherapy. Multiple bonus hours of free hypnotherapy techniques and guided meditations as well as our complimentary hypnotherapy training guide is your heart being pulled towards the life of helping others.

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