Pherlure Review

Back in 2006, I tried wearing pheromone cologne for the first time. It was called Pherlure. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good experience, and I almost gave up on pheromone colognes. I thought they were hyped up garbage.

However, within the last few years, I tried using pheromone colognes again. What do I think of them now? Well, they are good if you don’t buy Pherlure. Sometimes it’s not the cologne that’s bad. It’s the actual brand that stinks.

Pherlure Is A Scam

If you have a bad experience with one brand, try another one. Some pheromones don’t work for all guys. They may work good for your friend, but horrible for you. This is because not all pheromones are compatible with your body chemistry. But it seems that Pherlure isn’t compatible with anyone’s body chemistry. I’ve talked to plenty of guys, and they’ve also had bad experiences with Pherlure.

Nope! Pherlure didn’t work for me or many other guys. I hate the smell and think that I smell better than it does. But I thought I would dig deeper and try to find good things to say about Pherlure. Would you believe my research found even worst things? I hate Pherlure even more.

The sad thing is that many pheromone cologne manufacturers hype up their products. They use marketing ploys that will make their products seem appealing. They want to make a buck off of you, so they greatly stretch the truth. What’s even sadder is that Pherlure manufacturers take their marketing strategies to a totally different level. They lie about their product.

Bogus Formula

When it comes to pheromone cologne ingredients, most manufacturers add many different pheromone molecules to their products. These molecules impact people in different ways. They create feelings of sexuality, trust, respect, and sociability. Most of these pheromone molecules are actual pheromones that have been identified by scientists. Instead of using real human secretions, scientists synthesize them in labs and add them to pheromone products.

However, Pherlure manufacturers say that Pherlure contains Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone. This is a totally made up pheromone. It doesn’t exist. The company claims that it has conducted numerous studies on a pheromone that doesn’t exist.


pherlureAccording to the makers or Pherlure, Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone increases sexual attraction by more than 62 percent. In addition, it says that the placebo used in the study only generated a 3 percent increase in sexual attraction. Supposedly, this report was done at the University of Chicago. But it isn’t listed in a scientific journal. Nothing supports evidence that Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone exists. Also, the report doesn’t name an author. As a result, Pherlure does not publish these studies anymore. Everyone knows the product is a scam.

Why purchase a bogus product like Pherlure when there are so many real pheromone colognes to choose from? Yes, most pheromone product makers hype up their products. They know how to make their products seem beneficial to you. You want to attract more hot women than the other men in the room, and the makers of pheromone products know this.

Sure, a pheromone product might help you in the romance department. But if you don’t work on other areas of your life, women will get bored with you and wonder why they were interested in you in the first place. Learn more about Pherlure at

Pherlure has been on the market for many years, and it is not as competitive anymore. Better products are on the market now, and this should worry Pherlure manufacturers very much. Every year a better pheromone cologne for men comes on the market. Yes, Pherlure is losing out to the competition more and more every day. Maybe one day it may even be extinct.

Men are always complaining about Pherlure, and it doesn’t seem as if Pherlure’s customer service knows how to handle these complaints. Also, it appears as if the company isn’t advertising Pherlure as much. All in all, skip Pherlure and purchase a high-quality pheromone cologne. Learn more about the Pherlure scam.

How to Purchase the Best Pheromones?

The following are a few tips about how to purchase good pheromone colognes for men online:

  • Look for a money back guarantee -Never purchase a pheromone cologne if the manufacturer doesn’t offer a money back guarantee. Enough said…period!
  • Look for websites that offer secure ordering systems- When ordering pheromone products online, make sure the website has an SSL ordering system. What is SSL? It stands for Secure Socket Layers. It ensures that all personal information such as credit card numbers remains secure. Also, make sure the website has Verisign and a HackerSafe seal.
  • Make sure the website protects your privacy- The average person doesn’t want others to know they order pheromone products. You don’t want to be embarrassed or known as “that” guy. Thus, only choose vendors who ship their products in plain or discrete packaging.
  • Make sure the vendor has a good tracking system- Know the status of your order at all times.

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