Male Extra Review

There are many male enhancement pills available in the market today and all of these claims better results. However, not all the products work efficiently and therefore you need to know which one is suitable for you.

About Male Extra

Male Extra is an all-natural herbally formulated penis enlargement pill. It promises to boost erections, increase stamina, and give you bigger orgasms – all without the harmful side effects of prescription drugs.

Customers have experienced several benefits which include increased penile length and girth by 3 inches, strong and intense erections, greater ejaculation volumes, multiple orgasms, enhanced blood flow and stamina as well as a boosted confidence level.

Male Extra Ingredients

Male Extra contains all the nutrients which can rekindle your sex life, enhance your semen production as well as augment your blood flow. These ingredients include Pomegranate, methyl sulfonyl methane, Tanktat Ali 20:1, muria pauma, l-arginine and epimedium sagittatum. The penis health exercises can accelerate your results.

What You Get

With every order of Male Extra, you do get access to PenisHealth, this is an exercise program to combine with the Male Extra Pills. With orders of 2 months or more you do get a DVD version of these exercises as well as the online membership.

With all orders of 4 months or more you will be able to get a free box of a product called Performer5. This is a semen enhancer, therefore you will be able to experience a bigger penis with stronger erections and an increased in the amount of semen you produce.

Why Take It

Pretty much every guy has found himself in a situation when they would have given anything for a bit of boost in the bedroom. You might have experienced the issue of premature ejaculation, or you might have experienced not being able to perform again. Maybe you experienced problems with maintaining an erection or simply not being able to satisfy the woman you were sleeping with.

Well, all of these problems become a thing of the past once you try out Male Extra, the most exciting and the most comprehensive formula on the market.

Why Should You Buy Male Extra

There are many reasons why you should buy Male Extra, we have rated it number 1 not just for its effectiveness but due to the overall quality of the product. With Male Extra it is based on clinical studies, this showing you that it really does work at giving you benefits such as;

  • Increased Penis Length By 3-4 Inches
  • Thicker Penis By Up To 25%
  • Bigger, Stronger and Harder Erections
  • Increased Stamina
  • Experience Multiple Orgasms
  • Rock Hard Erections
  • Increased Ejaculation
  • Increased Blood Flow To The Penis
  • Give Your Sex Life A Real Boost!

Is Male Extra a Scam?

There is absolutely no information found associating this product with any form of scam. There is even no reported side effect so far. The product is up for grabs in the market in case you want to try it.


The list of ingredients that can guarantee safety and efficacy.

  • PomegranateIt is the key ingredient in this male enhancer. It can increase erection time and will give you the strength needed for a marathon. It aids to keep your penis blood vessels healthy. Some experts consider it as the best natural Viagra.
  • L-arginine
    It makes the muscles in your penis hang loose to make your erections harder. It acts very similar to Epimedium Sagittatum (another kind of ingredient) and it breaks down nitric oxide for better blood flow.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum
    It relaxes the muscles at work during the time of erection. It allows your penis to stay erect for a long time because it allows a good flow of blood in the penis.
  • Tongkat Ali
    Your testosterone needs to increase during sex so you can consistently perform thus this ingredient gives you just that. It is proven to boost your sexual desire, increase your levels of testosterone and libido.
  • Maca
    It increases your semen volume or sperm count by up to 200%.
  • Zinc
    Same with Maca, it increases your semen volume but this time by up to 500%.

Before you act, check out my Male Extra Review Advantages and Disadvantages.


  • It can help you increase your tool by up to 3 inches provided that you follow the male exercise program.
  • It can increase your erection time and help add you ejaculation volume.
  • It has a lot of freebies: DVD’s about sexual techniques, PenisHealth exercise program, Free Vit5 and Performer5 and a lot more.
  • It offers a 180-day money back guarantee.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • Some men consider it pricey but it’s a can’t-do-it-all product. (nothing is, actually)
  • It is newer compared to other top brands. Some are not yet eager to try it because it may have long-term effects.


When you look for a penis pill to buy, you want to ensure that they do offer a money back guarantee. We would recommend you only order from their official site. Male Extra does provide a complete 90-day money back guarantee, therefore if any reason you are not happy with the product you will be able to get a full refund! If you have a problem or concern, the 24/7 customer support is always available.

Conclusion for this Male Extra Review

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