Is There Proof that Human Pheromones Work?

People have questioned and debated the effectiveness of pheromones for many years. Amazingly, there isn’t solid proof to back either side of the argument. You might know a little something about pheromones, but if you’re completely in the dark, please continue reading.

What are pheromones? They are chemicals secreted by animals, insects, and humans. They are used to get responses from the opposite sex in the same species. Most people are still trying to figure out if human pheromones work. Obviously, there are plenty of theories, but they are very different in nature.

Basically, scientists can’t say how pheromones work or to what extent they work. Since pheromones work subconsciously, some scientists feel they have negligible significance in terms of human sexuality. But others believe the human VNO can detect pheromones and impact human sexuality.

Studies on Human Pheromones

Numerous studies have been conducted on human pheromones. As a result, companies make pheromone products based on these studies. They claim that they have products that can make you attractive to members of the opposite sex. But do these products really work? Who knows, right?

Surely, you’ve seen commercials advertising pheromone colognes for men. Usually, there is an unattractive man in the commercial who wears a pheromone cologne. As a result, loads of beautiful women pay attention to him. These are beautiful women who’ve always ignored him in the past. But everything is changed for the better since he’s wearing pheromones. Learn more at

Do They Really Work?

Once again, people continue to debate the effectiveness of pheromones. Some say pheromones work, but others say men and women are attracted to each other due to normal chemistry. The colognes most likely enhance what is already there.

Pheromones are chemical signals the body uses to communicate with the opposite sex. The human VNO detects them when we sweat. However, sweat isn’t actually used in pheromone colognes. Synthetic versions are used instead. So, don’t worry about walking around with someone else’s armpit or genitalia sweat on you.

Scientists also want to know how pheromones impact women. Did you know that when women live together for a certain amount of time, their menstrual cycles eventually sync up? This proves the validity of human pheromones. But where and how this happens is still unknown.

So, does this mean if you’re male, you should just drench yourself in pheromone cologne and women will love you? Or if you’re a female, all men will throw themselves at you? Well, yes and no. Pheromone colognes cannot hide your rolls of belly fat or the fact that you’re fashion challenged. But they can help you to enhance your good qualities if they exist.

For instance, if you are a decent looking guy who is a little shy, pheromones may improve your sociability. They may actually work in your favor, depending on the woman and the pheromone.

The same thing goes for women. Pheromones can only make you appealing if you have decent qualities to enhance. If you’re a pretty woman, you’ll look even better to the average guy. If you are average looking, you’ll probably get a decent amount of new dates. If you’re overweight, you may have to lose a few pounds before men look in your direction.

Do pheromone works? There is only one way to find out. Buy a good pheromone product and see for yourself. Conduct your own personal experiment and see if they work for you. Learn more at

Types of Pheromones

A pheromone is a chemical signal that gets reactions from members of the opposite sex. Usually, they influence the behavior of people around you. There are different types of pheromones such as sexual, food trail and alarm.


Alarm pheromones are used by insects when they are threatened. They will emit a specific smell when predators attack. A few plant species also produce alarm pheromones.


Aggregation pheromones overcome the host by predators, mass attack, and mate selection. A majority of pheromones are produced by females; however, males also produce them.


Epideictic pheromones are utilized by insects to mark their territories. When they lay their eggs on certain fruits, this signals other insects that this specific area is already taken. A territorial pheromone is somewhat like an epideictic one. Some animals such as dogs and cats use urine to mark their territory.


Releaser pheromones are the most common pheromones. They influence behavior within a species. For instance, insects use them to gain attraction from males that are about a mile or two away. However, the smell expires after a short time.


Primer pheromones are not like other pheromones that influence behavior within a species. They are emitted in developmental undertakings.


Sexual pheromones are used when its time to mate. Their sole purpose is to get the attention of the opposite sex.

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