How You Can Increase Your Sperm Volume

Do you want to impress your woman with incredibly stronger and highly intensified orgasmic experience? Increase cum amount now to heighten the sexual sensation not only for you but for your lady as well! It is no secret that the extra ejaculate produces more contractions which make the sexual experience more exciting and stimulating. And it’s definitely worth your time to investigate further and verify the authenticity of this claim.

The good news is it’s actually quite easy to increase cum amount or semen volume. A few simple lifestyle changes can be a good start. Here are a few recommended steps and you’re on your way to reaching new heights of sexual excitement.

An initial step in achieving this is the basic knowledge of the things which actually prevent you from maximizing your ejaculate. Reduction of caffeine intake, avoiding spicy and processed foods will be a good way to start. Try to stick to nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables or whole grains. This will not only help increase cum amount but will definitely boost your general well-being as well.

Foods To Increase Your Sperm

There are some specific foods that are recommended because of their special contribution in increasing the semen volume. Foods such as oysters, beans, nuts, lamb, and turkey are especially rich in zinc. Zinc, as you know, is important in maintaining sperm quality, making them more viable and healthy. Aside from zinc, foods rich in vitamins C, E and B-12 all contain amino acids which also prove vital in increasing semen volume.

While all these generally help, it is still best to seek out alternative solutions to increase cum amount. Taking daily supplements, called semen volume enhancers, also proven to work. These are made up of natural herbs especially formulated to address the growing need of the male population. They are reported to boost the semen volume, as high as 500%! It seems unimaginable, but most men have already attested to its incredible impact on their sexual lives. Learn more at

Cum Pills To Increase Sperm

Research has shown that most men do not bother about their sperm volume. It’s even one of the last things to examine when difficulty in conceiving is experienced. Fortunately, due to the increasing reach of web technology, more and more men start to pay attention to increasing their sperm production. While there is a multitude of ways to increase your load, taking cum pills still prove to be the most effective way to go.

Aside from the obvious advantages of increased sperm count, there are far better benefits of taking cum pills that will really make it worth your while. These pills, made up mostly of special herbs and natural ingredients, are a product of thorough research by certified medical professionals. They are tested and guaranteed to intensify your cum volume by 2 to 3 times more. Needless to say, an increase in semen volume translates to a much stronger contraction and an incredibly powerful ejaculate!

If that is not compelling enough, these cum pills also significantly increase the chances of your woman to get pregnant. So if you and your partner are already thinking of settling down and building a family, it pays to be well-equipped for it. Have your sperm count checked by qualified medical professionals? They must be able to tell you whether you belong to the low count range or not.

Most men have had great successes in maximizing sperm production and semen volume simply by incorporating these natural supplements or cum pills in their daily life. Some even report tremendous improvement in their sexual performance, mostly due to the increased cum load and ability to recover faster during bouts of sex!


So what are you waiting for? Get into the bandwagon and take cum pills now. It will not only reinforce your sexual virility, stimulate your relationship, but will most definitely improve your quality of life.

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