How To Get Best Results with the Bathmate

As someone who has used the Bathmate for some time now and run this site, there are some common mistakes I have made myself and see other guys do. So this post will hopefully help you avoid making the same mistakes.

  • Using the bathmate longer than prescribed – I have done it and I am sure you may have tried it too. This is not good for your penis. There’s a reason the manufacturers write maximum use for 20 minutes. The penis will not grow by you using it more than 20 minutes. Instead, you are risking damage to your member which will have more severe consequences. Some guys told me they experience lesser erection quality since using the bathmate. Quite a few of them were using the bathmate longer than they should each session.
  • Forcefully pumping the penis– We all want growth but pumping against your pelvic bone forcefully will not make you any bigger any time soon. All that’s going to happen is your pubic bone area will start to hurt and over time using the bathmate will become painful, not to mention any damage you will cause to your penis. My advice is to pump in a relaxed way where you do build good pressure that is comfortable for you. You have to remember, using the bathmate once or twice will not magically grow your penis, the growth happens over time and regular consistent use.
  • Buying the Goliath when not necessary – If you don’t need it, don’t buy it! I know many guys who only use the Hercules and progress to the Goliath over time. The Hercules is good for beginners who have never used a pump before but depending on size. If you already have good sufficient size, is it worth using the bathmate generally?
  • Placement of the bathmate – Another common mistake is pushing the bathmate onto your testicles and pumping. Of course, you will start feeling pain as you pound your testicles with the pump. The best option is to gently move the testicles forward and to place the pump just before it comfortably. Your ball sac should not be obstructing the pump for a comfortable, pain-free session!
  • Growth is temporary, why? – As you use the bathmate hydro pump you will notice temporary size for at least a couple of hours. This will go down as the blood leaves the penis. This does not mean you are not growing. Over time you will notice an increase in girth size. The bathmate is extremely good at expanding the girth. You should also experience your penis getting wider over time. In terms of length, the bathmate in my experience does increase it, but not as much as girth.

One of the best things you can do is also combine penis enlargement exercise. This combined with bathmate can help increase size. Eating a good diet and regular exercise that burns fat will also help increase size. Learn more about how the Bathmate works.

Bathmate Routine

The following are steps I use that you may wish to follow too.

  • The very first thing I do is have a hot shower. Not only does it feel relaxing, I try to get the ballsac nice and soft. In turn, my penis starts to draw more blood into it, which is good before using the device. Note I don’t get my penis fully erect, just semi-erect so that it fits nicely into the device.
  • The next thing I will do is fill the bathtub with warm water and bathe. I will make sure my ballsac remains soft and enlarged and have the penis semi-erect.
  • I will immediately fill the bathmate up with water. I tend to fill it up fully with water.
  • Then I attach the hydro pump slowly and start pumping. The key is to slowly pump. When I first bought the bathmate, I would pump extremely hard. Not only was this painful, it was pretty much silly. Your penis will start to hurt as it the skin around the pubic bone area.
  • When you slowly pump you can increase the intensity as you go along.
  • I like to use the device properly so I have a stopwatch to time how long I have the pump on for. When I first used the pump, I read somewhere that you don’t have to keep it on for the recommended 20 minutes, you can do half the time, to get used to the device.
  • I use the pump lying in the bath and pumping slowly. The suction is very good and you feel the penis being stretched out slowly.
  • I shave my balls and pubic area. It’s just a personal preference and works well if you use the bathmate. As I am clean shaved, the pump fits on nicely.
  • After using it for 20 minutes, I do notice the skin is left with pump ring marks which is normal. The marks usually go away within a matter of minutes of not using the device. For those people who suffered pain whilst pumping, the likelihood is you pumped too hard!
  • I once dropped the bathmate in my bathtub and was fearing it may have broken. Far from it, the bathmate is one solid designed penis pump.
  • I also like using the bathmate, before having sex. Most likely your partner will not complain! The penis erection is rock hard, and I have noticed even better stamina.

So there you have it, my routine for using this penis extension device. Keeping fit, eating a good diet and getting adequate sleep has definitely helped with my enlargement plans.


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