How Does Semenax Work?

What is Semenax? What can Semenax do for you? We have tried this product and quite liked the results it produced. True to its claims, Semenax helps to increase cum levels, achieve intensely more powerful orgasms, boost libido and maintain harder erections for longer – all of which any girlfriend loves. And overall, it achieved everything that we expected of it, and more. For instance, its use of 100% natural active ingredients was incredible.

During our research into ejaculate enhancers, we have read of a lot of positive stuff about the enhancement benefits of L-arginine, L-lysine, Epimedium sagittatum and zinc oxide, and Semenax puts all of these ingredients to good use. Within a month of using Semenax, you can expect doubled ejaculate volumes and most probably you will be able to keep it up 3 times longer.

How does Semenax work?

Combining key nutrients to the body Semenax™ aid in the production of additional semen… naturally and safely! Semenax increase sperm count and the fluid volume of your ejaculation. Instead of artificially trying to fill your system with synthetic hormones, every one of natural Semenax’s ingredients has been included to perform a specific role. Learn more at

For instance, the zinc aspartate & zinc gluconate in Semenax is renowned for increasing the amount of sperm you ejaculate (as well as your testosterone). Whilst Pomegranate has been found during recent studies to increase nitric oxide which is needed for healthy dilation of your blood vessels, meaning you can experience harder, stronger erections. And the results do speak for themselves.

In one month Semenax can confidently help you to experience:

  • More ejaculate volume
  • The power to ejaculate further and with more force
  • Mind-blowing orgasms
  • Rock hard, solid erections
  • A bigger sexual appetite
  • Boosted potency and endurance levels
  • The more semen you produce and ejaculate, the harder your muscles will have to work to push it out, creating more intense orgasms for you both.


There is no denying that Semenax volume pills credibly help to improve your performance levels and make you a sexual stud in the bedroom. Yet of all the male enhancement pills we have reviewed over the years, Semenax really is the best volume enhancer we have encountered. Yes, Semenax can quickly and efficiently help to boost your semen production and ensure you experience harder longer erections. It tackled all areas of your sex life, and really gives you the stamina and the ejaculate volumes to leave your partner in awe.

Are there any Alternatives?

Similar to Semenax, Performer 5 has been proven to help you to ejaculate more semen in one session. Yet, this is not all this versatile ejaculate enhancer can do. With no hidden side effects and 100% natural ingredients, we felt safe using this dual action system as all Performer 5 essentially does is boost natural nutrient levels. The confidence Performer 5 system gives in the bedroom is incredible.

The fact that it is an entire system really makes it attractive, as the unique combination of harder erections, increased ejaculate and bolstered stamina made it the complete package. For this reason, if you are looking to achieve porn star orgasms and ejaculate levels, we recommend you to read this Performer 5 review. Supported by a 6-month guarantee, clinical trials, and 100% natural ingredients, Performer 5 is a real deal.

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