Best Ways to Use a Penis Extender

I have a lot of people ask me, can I make gains in permanent length simply by using either a penis extender or a pump? Or do I need to do the manual exercises? The truth of the matter is is that you could make permanent gains by doing it either way. However, in my personal opinion, I think that you’re kind of shooting yourself in the foot by using a penis pump because it’s not optimal, and I’ll explain why.

Best Ways To Use A Penis Extender

I’ve always found that a Sizegenetics system or an X4 Labs extender is best used as a tension device that you wear throughout the day. By you wearing it throughout the day, you expose yourself to tension. Stretching it creates tension and it is best coupled with manual exercises. I find that doing the manual exercises in the morning before using the extender is the best way to do it.

The manual exercises provide, in my opinion, a deeper stretch to the ligaments, to the connective tissue within, and it just does a better job of really putting stress on the penis. The penis is just like any other body part, you need to break down the fibers in order for it to grow.

It’s just like in the gym, if you don’t work out and you don’t put in the effort, your results go back down. But there is a permanent gain over time, of course.

I love male enhancement and it’s amazing that it works. However, the one thing that always bothered me was spending so much time doing it. All these manual exercises take a lot of time when you don’t have devices like the X4 Labs penis extender.

You have to spend hours doing the manual exercises and then when you put on your underwear, and your pants, it squeezes everything together so you don’t have results. It’s being pushed back and compressed so it heals.

In my experience, I think that it’s a necessity to have a penis extender, otherwise you’re going to be pulling all day and I think it’s a necessity to get the Bathmate for instant gratification.

Why Extenders are the best option for Penis Enlargement

SizeGeneticsPenis extenders are by far the best option for anyone who wants to increase the size of their penis. Penis extenders gradually increase the size of your penis by gently stretching it in a controlled and safe way. Far more effective than surgery, pumps and patches at adding length. Far cheaper than surgery, creams, and pills (as creams and pills need to be purchased regularly to continue growth).

Some extenders can be worn discreetly all day under your clothes to continually grow your penis while you go about your day to day activities. Without a doubt, penis extenders are the best choice for anyone wanting to add a few inches to their penis.

How long do results take?

This depends on how often you use your extender – good results can be seen very quickly with regular use. In fact, the only faster way to increase your penis size permanently is with surgery. Extenders may not be as fast as surgery, but they are safer, cheaper, and over time can give more growth than penis enlargement surgery.

Do they increase girth or length?

Penis extenders increase length if you want to add girth try a good quality penis enlargement pump. Pumps work well for girth but they do take time to achieve permanent growth.

How much do penis extenders cost?

Good extenders generally cost a lot. There is a saying “if you buy cheap, you buy twice”. generally, the higher the price, the better the quality.

Penis enlargement surgery

All surgeries carry some degree of danger, penis enlargement surgery is no exception.
Surgical accidents can happen, anesthetics can have side effects. In my opinion, you should only go under the knife when you have to – there are other methods of penis enlargement, many of which are equally as effective as surgery. The cost of penis enlargement surgery varies, but if you want it done you are easily talking about $6500 – $10,000.

The best surgery alternative

Extenders are BY FAR the best alternative to penis enlargement surgery. Quality extenders work, cheap ones generally break and are made from low-quality materials. A good penis extender costs around $99 – which is about $6400 – $9900 cheaper than penis enlargement surgery.

They are cheaper, safer and more effective than surgery

Surgery can add around 4.6 cm to your penis, extenders can easily add up to 3 times that amount. With prolonged use, the gains can be huge, far safer, far cheaper and far more effective than penis enlargement surgery. Long story short, surgery can be expensive, risky and painful. Extenders are cheap, carry minimal risk, cause little pain and can be far more effective. The choice should be simple.

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