Alpha 7 Scented Review

KZI is the manufacturer or Alpha 7 Scented for Men. Currently, it is the second top-selling pheromone cologne on the market.

It is similar to Primal Instinct Pheromone Cologne, but it has 40 percent more pheromones. In addition, it has a well-balanced formula that has both androstenone and androsterone. When women are exposed to it, it gives off vibes that make the wearer appear authoritative, confident and attractive. Just use a few drops and watch the magic happen.

It’s Formula

Alpha 7 Scented has a very nice scent. Usually, it’s never named as a top contender within the pheromone community. But after using it a couple of times and comparing it to others, we could not ignore the power of Alpha 7 Scented.

The proprietary blend of Alpha 7 Scented has 1 mg of androsterone and 6 mg of androstenone. It has 40 percent more pheromone than Primal Instinct. But keep in mind, a higher pheromone concentration doesn’t mean it’s more effective than other blends. However, KZI has a winner because this formula is well balanced.

But to understand how well Alpha 7 works, you must be knowledgeable about pheromones. They are naturally produced human chemicals that induce feelings or responses in others. At 6mgs, Alpha 7 Scented has a good amount of androstenone, which is known to be a very sexual pheromone. In addition, this pheromone gives off very temperamental vibes, which makes it very unpredictable.


Not only does Alpha 7 have a very strong scent, it also gives off very strong vibes. It can impact others around you for up to 6 hours, but independent trials say this time is only 4 hours. Since it is a strong powerhouse, the manufacturer suggests you should only use a small amount of Alpha 7.

Alpha 7 is so concentrated that it gives off strong vibes of dominance and masculinity. It makes women sexually desire the wearer and makes men respect him. Basically, if you are in a crowded room, you’ll stand out as “THE” alpha man in the room. Woman want to date you and men want to be you. Take advantage of the power and authority that Alpha 7 provides.

Facts About Mixing Alpha-7 Scented Pheromone

Every bottle of Alpha 7 has about 80 to 90 drops of cologne. A milliliter is equal to 8-9 drops. This means you can add to or dilute your favorite cologne from 20 to 25 ml. Add Alpha 7 if you want to transform your regular cologne into an amazing sex potion. Please note that the best concentration of androstenone to target middle-aged women is 0.20 ml. This equals around 2 drops or spritzes. Also, please note the following:

  • It has 10 ml. bottle with a built-in dropper
  • Contains 6 mg of androstenone
  • Contains 1 mg of androsterone
  • The total amount of pheromones in each bottle is 7 mg
  • The average amount of pheromones in one bottle is 0.7 mg per ml.
  • This results in a great pheromone oil for men that smells great with your regular colognes. It blends well but still provides powerful ingredients that work.

Alpha 7 comes in a 10ml drip bottle, and it is sold by Love-Scent. You can find this product on Amazon. The drip bottle is a good feature because it makes it much easier to use smaller amounts. Alpha 7 is available in both scented and unscented. The scented version has more of an exotic vibe, and the unscented smells more like a natural musk. It comes over as more animalistic, but this is also attributed to its strong concentration of pheromones.

The regular price of Alpha 7 Scented is $79.99, but the sale price is usually $59.99. For this size bottle, this is considered quite pricey. But on the flip side, this is much cheaper than many other pheromone products.

Summary of Features

Alpha 7 doesn’t have a homepage, which makes it harder to review. Love-Scent doesn’t provide much information about this product. But I will provide a few of its pros and cons. Learn more at


Alpha 7 strongly impacts both men and women because it turns the wearer into a true alpha male. It makes others admire and respect him. It brings out sexual feelings in women. It makes men view the wearer as a cool type of guy if they aren’t jealous of him. All in all, if you wear Alpha 7, women will find you more attractive and want to flirt with you. Learn more about how pheromones work.


Alpha 7 is a very concentrated pheromone cologne. This is both a strength and a weakness. It gives you confidence and makes you feel masculine and dominate. However, it also tends to be quite powerful. Unfortunately, a higher concentration doesn’t mean it will grab the attention of more women. Some women will love the vibes, but others will be repelled by them.

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