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Sorry Stephanie… you say that they asked you to move in to help THEM but really it seems as though they asked you to move in to help YOU while your husband finishes his education. You could always move into your own place and help out your mother-in-law by offering to drive them when you’re not working and this way you won’t feel as though they are taking advantage of your generosity. Either way, maybe it would be better to get a place of your own to avoid feeling extremely annoyed with the situation”.

Sorry to hear about this – it sounds very frustrating! I can only imagine what it was like to have to deal with a mother who didn’t want to support you even at age 16. I think you’re right that if she had decided to let you live rent free while completing your higher education, it would have helped you tremendously and probably would have given you both more financial security in the long run. Best of luck to you.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your insurer, but I’m not sure you’ll be able to contest the fees as they were well within their right to increase the monthly costs once they’d found out about your conviction. They could actually have cancelled your policy on the spot and this may have made it more difficult to get cover in the future. The fees do seem excessive, so you probably could contest them, but in this instance I’d most likely just pay the extra 39 a month as a conviction does increase the cost of cover.

SoteriaDrive opens up telematics to a potential market of over 1,000 SSP brokers who account for around 50% of all private car transactions in the broker market. Brokers will be able to obtain a quotation via their existing SSP system from the panel of SoteriaDrive insurers. Each insurer will set their own terms and conditions for the policy as usual. The SoteriaDrive telematics solution will record their driving behaviour and allow feedback on driving performance and any adjustment to the premium. It will also help validate and speed up claims, and help reduce fraudulent ones, thereby streamlining the claims process.

Sounds strangely familiar…. Spend millions pedestrianising despite the obvious fact that „pedestrians” don’t like it and businesses can’t operate, do nothing, despite hundreds of complaints, then spend millions re-generating! It’s about time that these councils were held accountable for the loss of earnings caused by these terrible decisions. url=Oakley Glasses/url The work will go on till August 24, he added.

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Specialist insurers offer stand-alone cover that will pay for damage to hire cars up to the limit of the excess. And they are cheap. On the five-day Tenerife trip mentioned above, for example, it is possible to buy stand-alone cover for less than 10. Websites such as allow you to enter your hire dates and locations, and then generate a range of quotes both for car hire and, separately, standalone insurance policies. would cover an economy hire car for 10.50; for 9.95 and for 14.95. There is a choice of about eight providers all charging less than 20 for the period in question.

Specialty insurers such as Hagerty , J.C. Taylor , Condon and Skelly , and American Collectors Insurance issue what’s known in the biz as agreed value” policies. These are based not on generic book values,” like conventional insurance policies – but on individual car-by-car appraisals and the more accurate valuations of the collector car (vs. used car) marketplace. Such insurers know that (for example) a mint condition ’76 Trans-Am like mine is not just an old car, but a classic muscle car. And they know that my specific car is in excellent condition – not a decayed hulk with weeds growing through the floorpans.

Specific examples include flood damage caused to homes, or damage caused to cars as a result of a motor vehicle accident. If you have insurance, these types of claims generally involve negotiating with insurance companies, which can be a very time consuming and frustrating process. Insurance companies are often notorious for dragging claims out, or rejecting claims unfairly. So, even if you have filed a claim and been rejected, don’t give up.

Speed, stating the obvious, is a measure of how fast you drive. This in turn has two components – Average Speed and Speed Limits. For Average Speed, your i-box takes readings, usually at minute intervals and compares your speed at each interval with the average speed for the stretch of road along which you are driving. If you are above the average, your Speed score goes down depending on the extent to which you exceed the average. If you are below the average, your Speed score goes up. Speed Limits work in the same way but measure your speed compared with the Speed Limit for that stretch of road.