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Take-home kits available at retail stores have two distinct disadvantages when compared to professional tooth whitening: They do not come with customized application trays and the strength of their bleaching agents can vary wildly. The combination of these things often results in increased tooth sensitivity and inconsistent results. The golden proportion is around us everywhere in nature. The ratio between the different parts of an insect fall neatly into this ratio described by Fibonacci.

Tooth whitening through our office is either done or overseen by our experienced cosmetic dentist. Our take-home kits come with customized application trays for consistent results, and our tooth whitening options are designed to minimize sensitivity. To learn more about your tooth whitening options, please contact our experienced Whitehall cosmetic dentist today. Dr. Kun provides professional teeth whitening for men and women through the Leigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.

This series of numbers was first conceived by Leonardo Fibonacci and has come to be known as the Golden proportion, or golden ratio. The series create some strange things in nature and other secret to what makes things look perfect in our human eyes. Modern cosmetic dentistry is science as much as it is an art and sticking to this golden proportion will ensure that your new smile looks amazing.

Some very clever engineers have created a device called a golden mean gauge. This gauge opens and closes always in the ration of the Fibonacci sequence, the ratio between the Fibonacci numbers is always the same 1 to 0.618 and it is to these ratios that the gauges always open and close. Even leaves growing on a stem have a tendency to grow in the ratio of 1 to 0.618 which can be seen when we use the Golden mean gauge to test how the leaves grow. Now you are beginning to see how important it is that when we want something to look beautiful, it needs to conform to certain mathematical principles. Your smile and teeth are no different.

The first thing we can use this ratio for is to determine exactly where the tips of your teeth should be in relation to the tip of your nose and the base of your chin. When we are creating a smile in cosmetic dentistry this is one of the things we will look at. If you want to have a gorgeous smile it is important that your teeth are in the correct place in relationship to the rest of your face, dentists that have a special interest in cosmetic dentistry will understand this concept and ensure that the tip of your teeth is exactly this place.

The next thing to consider is the width of your teeth. The ratio, when looking from the front, between your front tooth and a lateral incisor next to it should always fall into this golden proportion. If you experience sensitivity in normal day-to-day living you might like to try and anti-sensitive, toothpaste for a while prior to beginning your treatment for teeth whitening.

In recent years the tendency has been to make cosmetic dentistry much more uniform and even. We’re not going to show any photographs here of poor cosmetic dentistry, but we have all seen celebrities on television whose teeth look rather big, blocky and completely unnatural. This is usually because the golden proportion and ratio has been violated, when the ratio is not correctly adhered to it just stands out, we inherently can spot that something is wrong even if we are unable to say exactly what it is. The 50 Minute Whitener: For immediate results, simply do 10 consecutive treatments totaling 50 minutes.

Gallions Reach Dental Clinic is a dental practice in the heart of Thamesmead near Greenwich in South London with a team of dedicated dentists able to provide cosmetic dentistry ensuring you have the most perfect smile. If you only want to secure your existing or new denture then sometimes only 2 dental implants are required although the following image does show 4 being used.

Implants are used for the replacement of missing teeth, they are either used to support the new teeth themselves which are permanently secured in your mouth, or the implants are used to support a removable denture. As the culture for celebrity gains momentum more and more people are looking to whiten their teeth with teeth whitening procedures to help them smile more confidently.

The amazing thing with titanium is that when it comes in to contact with air it forms a light oxide layer on the surface, the human body does not recognise this oxide layer as a foreign object and so does not reject it as you normally would expect. It did to me when I first heard about oil pulling ,” but the more I learn, the more I find myself fascinated about it.

In fact the opposite happens, the bone actually integrates with the titanium oxide in a process known as osseo-integration. This is one of the marvels of the human body and modern technology and shows how the 2 can work together in total harmony. Most dental practices will xray the implant after it has been placed to ensure that full osseo-integration has occured prior to the new teeth being fitted on top. When you have seen the video above and see how intricate the manufacturing process is you can see why these dental implants are not cheap! Each implant is carefully checked to ensure that it meets the most exacting standards.

Implants are made on high tech CNC machines, they are milled from a solid bar of titanium to the most precise tolerances and measurements, literally down to 1000ths of a millimetre, here is a video of implants being produced, it starts in Swedish but then goes to English. If you wear dentures, be sure to remove them at night and clean them before putting them back in the next morning.