I’ve got 110 matches in 1 day.

On average I go on 5-10 Tinder dates a week where I often get action depending on what mood I am in and what me and my date want. Rarely get unmatched and most women reply back to me when I initiate conversation and often they open up without me saying anything too. Happy to to do an on going Q & A here on any questions you have about Tinder and how to be good at it. I use all 6 pics Tinder allows. 5 out of 6 photos are alone. I am doing active things in those photos with interesting backdrops. In the other photo I am with women around me, these women are all 9+/10 looks wise.

1) I usually do coffees and daytime drinks but also mix it up and do evening meet-up at a bar or something. The venues are usually central or if we are both local then a local, open planned cafe, bar with space to sit and chat. The date lengths tend to be a couple of hours or so. If the girl is really good I don’t mind doing 2-5hrs. We usually go to different places if it lasts this long.

2) Yes if we both have chemistry

3) Yes. I touch, but naturally, I like touching girls I want to fuck or get to know more. If the girls are horny straight up when we’ve messaged I kiss within 5 minutes of meeting her to send her wild. On a normal date I always gauge if they’ll kiss me at the end of the date. I go for the kiss for the ones I like. Be bold. And sometimes I am clueless they like me and they’ll be the ones who will kiss me (which is a nice surprise ;-))

4) The more you text the less likely it is the person will meet up. That’s my insight. I usually ask the girl out anywhere between 5th to 10th message from me. If my gut instinct says the vibe is good after 2/3 messages I do it sooner.

My texting on the phone is minimum too. I just prefer real interactions over texting and shit.

5) Depends. If there’s no chemistry between us there’s no point wasting time.

If the girl displays some classiness but I am not yet attracted to her I will keep in touch. For example if I pay for our first drinks and she doesn’t get round 2 then that will put me right off (unless she’s a slut and I’ll get to fuck her later).

6) The city I live is capital. 8-10 million people.

Any recommendations on proper pics? I’ve been told by many women that I’m very attractive and yet struggle to get any good looking matches. I think it the pics just don’t displace my attractive qualities. I’m not a big fan of selfies so I wouldn’t use either of those. (especially not the one you’re wearing boxers). The one with the coat, with a building behind you is cool. I would use that one. Test this one out. There’s a market of women for it. Just don’t make every other photo of yours the same. Mix it up and show a variety so it gives them a reason to think you are not a total meathead.

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