5 reasons to Avoid dietary supplements for weight loss! Can be dangerous!

Over the past decade or so, dietary supplements have exploded in popularity, appealing to the weight conscious and those looking to lose some weight fast talking rely. After all, losing weight is hard work, and with our lifestyles, who has the time or energy. But entrusting it to the pills is not the right answer. In fact, taking them can be downright dangerous. Here are five good reasons why you should avoid the pills for weight loss.

Avoid supplements for weight loss

Avoid supplements for weight loss

Dietary supplements are not FDA approved

If you are in the shelves of the shop, must be safe, right? Wrong. Despite what many of us believe, supplements are not pre-tested for safety for the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the exploits of dietary supplements do not need FDA approval before marketing their products. Companies are responsible for ensuring that their products are safe and that the statements made about them are true. The FDA investigates only (and takes steps to remove from the market) a product when security problems are suspected and/or receive reports of damage.

Many supplements for weight loss are stilettos

That’s right, spiked. Weight loss, muscle building, and sexual enhancement products are often “contaminated” with some type of medicinal drug or synthetic ingredients. These supplements can be found in stores and are heavily promoted online. In recent times, the weight loss products marketed as dietary supplements have been found to contain hidden hazardous pharmaceutical ingredients, including chemicals found in anti-depressants, drugs seized, and blood pressure medications. Even products labeled “natural” or “herbal” can become contaminated.

Infected products may cause interactions or Overdoses

The ingredients of contaminated products can be dangerous on their own, but that the danger increases when a person is being treated for a chronic medical condition or regularly take some medication. The prescription may contain ingredients that interact negatively with the hidden chemicals in contaminated supplements, causing severe illness or worse. There is also the possibility that contaminated nutritional supplements can contain one or more of the same chemicals in the drug, which could lead to overdose and death.

Supplements for weight loss are usually stimulants

Dietary supplements are popular in the United States. The most common contain stimulants such as caffeine and bitter garcinia cambogia that actually works orange extract, which is a substance like ephedra containing Synephrine. These ingredients are meant to boost metabolism and suppress appetite, but have negative side effects, such as insomnia, headaches, and anxiety. Stimulants are particularly dangerous for those who have heart disease and high blood pressure, and/or people who are taking medication for blood pressure. Also, when the desired effects fade away, there is a ‘ crash. ‘

May be ineffective.

Last but not least, buying weight loss supplements can be a waste of money. Scams abound in the field of weight management, and counterfeit drugs and supplements are everywhere-especially on the Internet. Even the legitimate products that are effective provide minimal effect at best, and this, if you combine it with a meal plan and exercise routine based on principles of weight loss. In fact, when it comes to weight loss, better to always know that: you have to eat better and do a lot of exercise. There is no miracle pill. There are no shortcuts.

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